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Successful companies count on Scope.

It is no coincidence that supply chain professionals facing the future with optimism choose a future-proof Transport Management System. Regardless of size and specialization. Those who aim for more and succeed count on Scope, currently 700+ customers and 8,500+ users in more than 60 countries.

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“The waste of time due to manual intervention and system changes had to come to an end. Streamlining through automation with the best system was the goal.”

−Pascal von Briel, co-founder and CEO of exporto

“We always expected that they would simply send us home to practice. Instead, we experienced help and support at all levels, in Germany and Switzerland.”

−Julius Komp, co-founder and CEO of exporto

“As soon as we have completed the next step, I will have an all-round feel-good program. My hardware, office tools – and Scope, everything else I won't need anymore.”

−Philipp Seiler, founder and managing partner of Seiler Logistics

“I have highly qualified and committed employees, and I cannot and will not allow small things to get in the way of their actual work.”

−Philipp Seiler, founder and managing partner of Seiler Logistics

“Our improved data quality as well as automation have enabled us to improve the efficiency of order processing.”

−Bozo Cicak, CIO at Streck Transport

“We made the right decision.”

−Andreas Loos, Branch Manager at Kras-Logistics Frankfurt

“At the roll-out we saw our 200 or so users immediately worked much more productively and with minimal training.”

−Thomas Aw, Regional Manager IT at Pan Asia Logistics

“Consequently, we decided on software that would help us grow rapidly and would also grow with us without limitations. In both cases, Scope was the sole solution.”

−Enrique M. Hinojosa Herrera, Business Development Manager at Welldex Logistics

“What can I say about Scope? It works and doesn't hold you back.”

−Mikail Savas, EDP System Administrator at EMO-TRANS

“If we had few little problems with others as we have with Riege and Scope, we'd be completely happy.”

−Thomas Klinkhammer, Director Sales and Marketing at EMO-TRANS

“Speedmark staff are looking at Scope as a very positive program to work with.”

−Marco de Jonge, Operations Manager at Speedmark Transportation The Netherlands

“The extensions of Scope are a real value for money.”

−Norman de Vos, owner and Managing Director at FOX Global Logistics

“We have both, skilled and committed people combined with the innovative system, Scope, that supports our efforts.”

−Ashley Bratek, Director of Operations at Westar USA

“After almost 2 years of experience we can testify that Scope is a reliable and user-friendly software lessening the daily burden of our employees.”

−Peter Schubert, General Manager at Westar Germany

“There are still more features demanded but I already try to actively push other companies towards Scope.”

−Sjef Minke, General Manager at Simply Orange

“In Scope, everything you need for the operational handling of a shipment is all within reach from one and the same window.”

−Arie van der Perk, NVOCC-manager at Berkman Forwarding

“The high expectations we had, have been fulfilled.”

−Berndt Lindenmayer, Managing Director at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL

“Scope is highly addictive.”

−Hubert Jasiński, Member of the Board at OMEGAir

“Throughout my career, I never experienced such a speed. Rolling out twelve branches in such a short period of time, that‘s a remarkable achievement.”

−Jeanette Göldi, former Head Operational Transformation Projects and Systems at Gondrand

“My decision for Scope was and still is unparalleled, because Scope is the most effective and satisfying way to engage with customers and staff.”

−Tony van den Brande, Managing Director at International Airfreight Associates

“Riege has always been an innovator and is very strong on the connectivity side.”

−John DeBenedette, Managing Director at Worldwide Information Network

“My staff were very impressed by Scope. The Riege system is extremely user-friendly and offers smart functions.”

−J. Florian Pfaff, Vice President Germany at Lufthansa Cargo

“Thanks to the solution’s intuitive menu navigation we were able to save high training costs and implementation time.”

−Josef Pointner, Head of IT at alpha trans

“Together with Riege we have taken a step into the future. In so doing, the investment in the new software has really been worthwhile.”

−Friedemann Eichenseher, CEO at alpha trans

“Scope is a very innovative user-friendly system that relieves our staff of significant workload and supplies excellent data quality.”

−Frank Bramer, Consolidation Manager at Globaltrans

“With DB Schenker and Riege we have chosen two experienced Cargo 2000 members as our pilot partners.”

−Fernando Terol, General Manager at Iberia Cargo

“Scope helps even inexperienced staff to make a customs registration quickly and correctly.”

−Christine Fuchs, Managing Director at TransHorse

“The simple-to-use, intelligent user interface has massively cut down the workloads of our 50 users.”

−Andreas Speiser, Managing Director at General Transport

“After testing various systems, we found that Scope was the most convincing in terms of innovation and adaptability to future requirements.”

−Andreas Speiser, Managing Director at General Transport

“With Scope, Riege has made a quantum leap, not only technologically but also in terms of the functionality.”

−Christian Bischoff, Managing Director and Founder at Pan Asia Logistics

“I've known Henk, Martin and Nardo since 1997. They have so many years of expertise and are totally service oriented, so when I heard they had started Scope in the Netherlands, without a doubt the door was open to them here.”

−Arjan Kruis, Director at Akomar Shipping

“Scope is a simple and intelligent tool that convinced us with its functionality and sustainability.”

−Carsten Meyer-Mumm, Project-Lead TANGO Region Europe Central Air & Ocean at DB Schenker

“With Scope we can support the processes of all those involved as well as monitor the shipments and their security status.”

−Rüdiger Suhrke, Managing Director at THS Aircargo Services

“With Scope, Riege offers a system that perfectly meets the most diverse customer requirements.”

−Robert van Breugel, Member of the management team at Fast Forward Freight

“Talking to the users, I didn’t hear any negative feedback. Most common comment is the friendly layout and excellent speed. Perfect job done.”

−Bob van Leeuwen, Customs Manager at C.H. Robinson Europe

“Our employees process about 40,000 to 50,000 export notifications per year with the software of Riege.”

−Wilhelm Hülpüsch, Head of Aircargo Solutions Media at Logwin

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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